AEGIR Brewing Company was formed in early 2017 by Tim Jones, Jeremy Jones and Jeff Marjamaa.  The goal was to start a small batch brewery that would produce beer that focused on freshness and more traditional beer styles .With over 10 years of brewing experience, from home brewer to head brewer, we put together recopies we felt could be enjoyed by everyone regardless of their pallet.

Our focus when designing the taproom was to create a space that was both welcoming and comfortable.  Every aspect of the design was chosen to make you feel like part of the AEGIR community, not just another tab at the bar.

Our hope is to become a place for the community of Elk River and the surrounding areas to come enjoy a fresh beer, with friendly people in a fun taproom.

SKAL I NORD!Ægir_and_Rán.jpg

Aegir The legend of AEGIR (Ah-Year) comes from Norse mythology. He is said to be a Joton (giant) that ruled over the sea with his wife and 9 daughters. He is also regarded as the brewer to the gods. In his great hall under the sea, he brewed the finest ale in all the 9 realms. He was known to the gods as the host of great parties, where the drinking horns would fill themselves. In his hall, the gods had to set aside their differences and remain peaceful or risk banishment from his hall forever.